Alvaston Hall Hotel, part of the Bourne Leisure Group decided to upgrade their pool filtration system. In the confined space of the plant room, the Ceramiflo filters easily replaced the 3-existing high-rate sand filters.

In 2017 examination of the main pool filter at Pontardawe Leisure Centre showed that it had reached the end of it’s useful life and needed to be replaced. The problem was that there was no way that new steel or fibreglass filters could be got into the plant room without major building work. The only access was down a narrow passageway.

The hydrotherapy pools in the Marselisborg Centre, Denmark, were built in 1999 equipped with sand filters, but faced with concerns over water quality and excessive water consumption, they required an alternative filtration system.

Ceramiflo was selected as the filtration system for the construction of a six-pool Olympic Swimming Centre – the largest public leisure centre in Norway – completed in 2013.

Skive Water Park in Denmark were instructed to renovate their centre in order to meet the necessary requirements of modern day water parks. These renovations involved extending the filtration system to ensure supreme water quality, complying with regulatory requirements.

When Ruthin Leisure Centre updated their filtration system, the old plant was isolated and remained in-situ while the new Ceramiflo system was installed nearby.

Ceramiflo was installed at Stretford Sports Village to filter the main pool water in January 2020. The filters had previously been patch repaired but now one of the filters was offline due to more serious defects.

A site study of the impact of replacing a sand filtration system with the Ceramiflo, on the use of electricity, water and gas.

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