Pool Chemicals

Total Pool supplies a wide range of the chemicals required for pool sanitation, water balance and clarity.

We supply our own brand of Calcium Hypochlorite Pellets called TPX70, which is supplied in hydrated form with a chlorine content between 65-70%. They are compatible with all dosing systems and have been specifically designed to include an antiscale additive to reduce scale build up and blockages.

All our TPX70 Pro Pellets are supplied in returnable 20kg drums.

Sodium Hypochlorite is a chlorine-based liquid disinfectant commonly used in hard water areas as an alternative to Calcium Hypochlorite. It has a maximum strength of 15% available chlorine and it is normally dosed into the pool via an automatic dosing pump to limit handling. We supply Sodium Hypochlorite as 14/15% strength in 20 litre drums.

Stabilised Chlorine Granules and Tablets (20g & 200g). Stabilised chlorine is predominantly used in outdoor pools. In order to stop chlorine being broken down by sunlight it is combined with a stabiliser called cyanuric acid. Cyanuric acid can be added separately or more commonly it is supplied as stabilised chlorine granules or tablets.

Our range of water balance chemicals includes Sodium Bicarbonate (Alkalinity Builder), Sodium Carbonate (pH Increaser), Sodium Bisulphate (Dry Acid) and Calcium Chloride (Calcium Builder). These chemicals are supplied in 20kg drums & 25kg bags.

We supply a range of flocculants including PAC (Polyaluminium Chloride) and Aluminium Sulphate (Granular Flocculant). PAC is supplied in 20 litre drums and the Aluminium Sulphate is supplied in 25kg bags.